Flexi Rods(each) | 3mm

Flexi Rods(each) | 3mm

ZAR R50.00

  • Sold as a single rod.
  • Motion rods come in assorted sizes.
  • 3mm motion rods come standard in 100cm and 125cm lengths.
  • Each rod is supplied with two end caps to prevent the rod from damaging the silk.
  • These rods are used in our semi-circle and standard banner flags.
  • We recommend using these rods in flags that are made of light fabrics like chiffon or silk.

Please allow up to 7–14 business days to send orders.

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  • Although motion rods can bend, do not bend them all the way.
  • Do not shake vigorously.
  • WARNING These rods are made of fiberglass. Use it with caution. It’s recommended that you wear gloves when handling the rods.

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3mm x 100cm, 3mm x 125cm


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